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Time To Kick Ass: Mars In The Stars!


Hi honey!

Straight into it today!

One of the many blogs that I currently read religiously is by the fabulous Mystic Medusa.

Her website’s ‘About’ page is one of the best I’ve ever read:

“Mystic Medusa:

Astrologer, Writer, Tarot Diva, High-Functioning New Age chick, Recovering Love Zombie, Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch, Sauvignon Blanc and potato loving Gluten-Free Vegetarian, Blonde.


To create awesome astrological content – including the most consistently accurate, amusing and inspirational horoscopes on Earth.


In Sydney, in an inner city suburb generally described by the media as “eclectic.”


Inexplicably eccentric (lol) but smart, astute and stunning – a Cancerian boy & a Gemini girl.


Lucid dreaming, Lifting Weights, the Rowing Machine with old-school Hip Hop, Feng Shui, Binaural Beats, Cats, Reading, Perfumes, Poetry, Art,  reading about Ancient Rome & Atlantis, Nordic Mythology, the Large Hadron Particle Collider, Surrealism, Acupuncture, matching Vogue Italia haute fashion spreads with transits, Most of her fave poems and best inspirational quotes are in the Sagacious category.

Most People Don’t Know That Mystic is…

Left handed, related to Lucretia Borgia and once got a ten page letter from a Virgo threatening legal action because she used comic sans serif on the site.

Work Experience:

Half a psychology degree, cocktail waitressing, advertising, journalism.


Mystic got hooked on astrology the moment she heard about it, aged 9. She’s Sun Pisces, Moon in Libra, Aquarius Rising with an impressive 8th house.”

She’s spunky, raw, witty, dry, fabulously uncouth and downright wonderful to read. I am an astrology fanatic and have been attempting to teach myself how to read star charts since I was ten, and I can report, lovely reader, that her readings are sensationally accurate, interestingly relatable and hugely entertaining to devour with a cup of tea. What I love most about Mystic Medusa’s astro-style is that she spends a great deal of time focusing specifically on varying personality traits and how these traits relate back to the stars and the wider Universe. Even if you do think that astrology is a load of old hooey, she’s still an extremely gifted writer and kick ass Sydney-side business woman.

I personally believe it’s vitally important to keep an open mind, and tres chic to know a thing or two about the mystical side of life (you’re reading an article that was written by a girl who used to carry tarot cards around in her school pencil-case). And so, prepare yo’self, girl, because I’m about to tell you how you can harness the current astrological phenomenon to kick ass for the next few weeks!

We’re currently riding in the powerhouse planetary grouping of the Sun, Venus and Mars all having a fiesta in gorgeous Taurus, the Bull. It’s a great time to stop, take a breath and reassess (personally, I will be considering a facial and a long walk on the beach. Alone.). It’s a time for unfinished projects, unanswered questions or the dregs of unravelled relationships from last year to be addressed and polished, and put neatly back on the shelf of closed books. The best bit about Mars in Taurus is that it creates a lot of stubbornness and horniness as the party continues  – what more would you expect from the planet of sex drive, ambition and ability?! This makes right now a great time to stand up for what you believe in!

Stand up to someone who never backs down in an argument. Stick up for your beliefs and more importantly, for yourself!

Assert your confidence, fabulous prowess, determination and capability. Yes you can.

Test your willpower by committing now to that detox, the quit smoking program or your new workout regime.

Take care of what your body wants - where it’s more vitamins, more sleep, more yoga or more sex.

Come on, everyone! This should be a time of determination and as-kicking fabulousness. Find your voice and start talking. You have just as much right and are just as capable of sharing your opinion, disagreeing with someone or committing to a new cardio regime as anyone else. Especially while the great and almighty Mars has got your back!

I feel so pumped right now! What are your thoughts on Mars in Taurus – do you think you might give it a go?

Like a bull in a china shop,

MJ x

Image props:
Mystic Medusa
Astro Shamans

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